A series charting the travels of our Urchins’ supporters as they navigate the globe and snap themselves wearing, waving or holding something Hornchurch FC.

To be added to our “An Urchin Abroad” series send a picture sporting something Hornchurch FC to and we’ll get it added. You actually don’t need to be abroad, UK locations are fine, though it should be a holiday/vacation piccy and there must be something Hornchurchy about your person. Please also state in the email the date and where the picture was taken. Thanks.

March 2019. Stephen McEnnerney after the Spartan challenge in Mallorca.

February 2019. Andy Dickinson in the SkyView, Stockholm, Sweden.

January 2019. Colin Burford at the Kensington Oval, Barbados.

August 2018. Colin Burford in Ibiza Old Town.

June 2018. David Stainer in Playa de las Américas, Tenerife.

January 2018. Bill Shepherd in Lancelin, Australia.

January 2018. Jordan and Mitch on Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia.

December 2017. Jordan, Mitch and Evan in Melbourne, Australia.

December 2017. Jordan and Mitch in Perth, Australia.

December 2017. David Stainer at Oudekerksplein, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

October 2017. David Stainer on the Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland.

October 2017. Bill Shepherd in Cefalù, Italy.

September 2017. Big Mick in Vancouver, Canada.

September 2017. Annie & Peter at Lake Windermere.

September 2017. The McEnnerneys in Quinta do Lago, Portugal

August 2017. Eddie Wheeler in front of the Eiger.